Our Services

Community mobilization campaigns, (HTS, Condom use and Male Medical circumcision)

  • Generate demands for HTS services
  • Non-Communicable Diseases – Encourages our beneficiaries to do screening and testing for NCDs
  • Advocacy for Male Medical Circumcision Promotion males to get medically circumcised.
  • Provide non-medical Counseling services with local partners
  • Establish condom distribution sites by targeting HTA and vulnerable population

Facility Level

  • Generate demands
  • Treatment Literacy Session
  • PMTCT Support Session
  • Provide HTS Sewices
  • Mobilize youth for PrEP uptake

Treatment Adherence

  • Maintain Treatment adherence CHWC’s to monitor the treatment taking patterns of PLHIV in the municipality.
  • Refer HIV, TB,STI and NCDs diagnosed clients to Health facilities for ARV/TB initiation and further Management
  • We provide Nutritional supplements and Occupational supplies

Non-Medical HIV Counseling and Testing Services

  • In all our offices we have HTS Counselors who are conducting counseling and testing sessions and encouragmg people to participate on HTS services.
  • People who tested positive for HIV including pregnant women are referred to local clinics so that they can access treatment or further investigations
  • This program is running from Mondays — Fridays and Saturdays on appointments.

HTS Counselors Stipend Administration Project

  • Our organizations conduct HTS Stipend Administration for all seven municipalities in Gert Sibande District.
  • The key aspect of the program was to ensure that all 89 identified health facilities are visited monthly / quarterly basis and the report is provided on the actual number of counselors providing counseling services per facility. Our organization was paying stipends of 184 Lay counselors placed in Departmental health facilities, Gert Sibande District